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Body Scan 06 Sept 2016

• Body fat percentage
• Lean Body Mass
• BMI (Body Mass Index)
• Weight/height
• Age match to body
• Skeletal Muscle mass
• Protein mass
• Visceral fat level (the hidden fat around your internal organs)
• BMR (Basic metabolic rate)
And more.
This allows us to track your body composition, health- and fitness level. Regardless if you are training for muscle gains, to lose weight or to maintain a good health it is important and also interesting to know what is really going on inside of your body.
You may think you are losing weight (fat) when you are in fact burning muscle instead of fat. You may feel healthy but store a lot of fat around your internal organs which is hidden for the eye but can make a big difference to your health. Or maybe your skeletal muscle mass (muscles that are attached to your bones i.e. quads, hamstrings, biceps etc.) is lower than you expect even though you are working hard in the gym every day.By undergoing a scan we can get information that we can use to help develop a training and/or nutrition plan for you, motivate you to work harder to reach your goal and to help you get healthier and stronger.

This can be done as a one-time scan to know where you are at with your health or fitness but to get best results and to accurately track your progress, the scans should be done once every 6-8 weeks.

The process
The scan takes approximately 60 seconds to complete. Compared to the commonly used way of measure body fat percentage, (callipers) you do not have to get undressed to do this scan. No awkward undressing in front of a stranger for him/her to awkwardly pinch you all over your body. You can undertake this scan wearing anything you feel comfortable in.
You simply step up on the electrode scale, grip the handles with electrodes and wait for 30-60 seconds until the scan is completed.

To think about before doing a scan

Eat as per normal routines on the day of your scan but it is recommended not to eat within 2 hours before the scan.

Empty your bladder before the test
If possible, empty your bladder just before the test to allow for a more accurate body fat result.

Coffee and alcohol
Caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration in your muscles which may affect the test result. If possibly, abstain from consuming alcohol 24 hours prior the test.

Breast implants
Breast implants may increase the body fat reading by around 2-4%. However, the progress tracking will still be accurate.

Certain steroids can affect your body’s density and can therefore affect the Bioelectrical Impedance value which could affect the actual measurement.

It is not advised to scan if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker

6 September 2017

Time: 5:10 AM to 5:30 AM
CrossFit Perth
87 Winton Road

Joondalup, Western Australia 6027 au

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We are looking to trial an advance program as part our daily programming. Basically adding a bunch of extra bits to the strength/Oly/gymnastics program for our advanced members.

A lot of you guys have been around 3+ years, in some cases 7-9 years. I understand and appreciate the need to explain demo and practice movements, for safety. Although we deliver new and refined coaching points each session, I’m thinking if your experienced, that time can be better spent with volume e.g more components in your program.

This program doesn’t mean you won’t be coached, I’m pretty sure we all need guidance.

So what I’m going to trial is a program where:
1. After the warmup those who partake will hook straight into without explanation or demo, like the old assumed knowledge for those who remember.
2. Your coach will get the other group going then coach you.
3. The onus will be on you, read and understand the program and movements and to ensure you are finished and ready for the metcon edp straight after.

So the criteria for those interested.
1. Work to timings without supervision but still coached with the movements.
2. Have a good understanding and safe application of the movements in the program.
3. CrossFitting 1 1/2 + years

This is not about how much you can lift or do, more your experience and ability to self manage and quickly apply coaching advice.

If your unsure if it’s for you please let me know. I’ll make a list of those who are doing the advanced program so that your coaches know.

We don’t want to create an elitist or Comp group or separate our community. The goal is to provide better training program options like we do with w2f.

As usual you won’t be coaching each other and being mindful that community/class that we love being part of.

If you want to be part of the trial group or have any questions, please comment!


Keep adding your results to zen planner so we can see how effective the programming is. Don’t feel like your bragging, more giving feedback so I can tweak our program..

Ric’s Mobility & Yoga or ROMWOD Thursdays 6-640pm
Every second week starting this week will be Ric’s Mobility class, in the alternate weeks and during all Thursday class times we will be running ROMWOD.



Core program – We are honing right in on the core activation and midline stabilisation. As you know, a strong core is the key to any fitness program, healthy body and injury prevention. Please pay particular attention to the progressions and subtle changes given.

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