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Schedule update
Thursday 5:30am classes kick off this week

Trial Advanced Program (get your proforma in if you want to participate)
If you have completed  your proforma and hand in, you are welcome to start the advanced programming. Please follow your coaches direction to work in with the class. The advanced program is only as marked on the program and wont happen every day. If you have any questions please ask your coach or email

Up Coming Workshops
Gymnastics 23 Sept (8-11am) Click here to register
Snatch 14 Oct (8-11am) Click here to register
Clean & Jerk 21 Oct (8-11am) Click here to register
3vs3 Team competition 4-5 Nov  click here to book your tickets

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at training.


With this phase of olympic lifting, we want to zone right in on technique and using our body more effectively for olympic lifting, stick with the percentages. The key focus for the week will be jumping the weight through the middle and speed under the bar. Your coaches will run you through this during classes. There will be no change to Way2Fit, which will be run in conjunction, as usual.

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