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This Saturday is our Olympic lifting workshop with Joel Gregson, Normal OLYMPIC LIFTING workshop will be in the open gym area and there will be programmed WOD for open gym 9-11am  instead of the 9am class

Starting this week the Thursday 5pm class will now be known as the Thursday 5:30pm class. There are no other class changes, just the 5pm becoming the 530pm class each Thursday starting next week.

Hope everyone is enjoying having regular repeater workouts. Be sure to record and track the second workout for future comparisons. we will be doing our normal skills chart as we expand our skill, strength and gymnastic capacity.

Keen to see your progress to see how effective the programming is. Don’t feel like your bragging, more giving feedback so I can tweak our program..

Ric’s Mobility & Yoga or ROMWOD Thursdays 6-640pm
Every second week starting this week will be Ric’s Mobility class, in the alternate weeks and during all Thursday class times we will be running ROMWOD.


Here is a basic and highly effective way to get the most out of your training, health and well being. Each of these items can be broken into their own field of discussion. For now if you are missing any of these components work towards improving it.

1. Recovery 
a. Every 3-4 months take a 4-6 day break then 2-3 easy sessions
b. Combine your programming with some fun active recovery, cycle, jog/walk, swim with some mates. 
c. Eat, sleep and live your life with quality. Apply the 80% rule and let your hair out once a week.

2. Injury prevention & management 
a. Mobility & stretching regularly (don’t wait till you have issues)
b. Avoid movements which may exacerbate your issue e.g. avoid then progressive loading for pressing movements while you work on gaining full range
c. Keep training with modified workouts and continue to seek expert advice.
d. If something hurts you, STOP and seek a solution. Don’t avoid the problem or push through thinking your weak minded. Turn a weakness into a strength.

3. Intelligent Training 
a. Constantly chase technique refinement
b. Be patient, results will come with gradual progressive strength, mobility and technique improvements. 
c. Let others progress motivate you, don’t allow it to force you into doing things that will result in injury or burn out.

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