Posted in: for Monday, 24th April 2017

With everyone back on deck we will be ramping the training up this week. Monday bit cruiser in preparation for the Anzac Hero WOD Last week we focused a lot on ensuring that everyone hits the target body parts with movements that require, in particular the post chain. We want to ensure that all the hard work that your putting into training results in progress, not muscle imbalances that will create long term health issues. We have also discovered that slowing things down is actually harder with the resistance and will build more strength and mental resilience.

The Saturday Team comp is really taking off and we aim to have a weekly leaderboard of teams. We understand that its not always possible to have the same people, so the goal is to simply have the teams there and do the best we can. If you are looking to do the 3vs3 or other comps its terrific prep, otherwise just a great hit out.

This week we have Anzac Day, be sure to book your spot on the zen app for the workout. If you have never been to Dawn Service, come down and be part this memorable day! Anzac Day 25 April 530am @ Central Park 700am @ Dome Joondalup 830am @ CrossFit Perth for the Hero WOD

This Saturday we have the Gladiator Games, if your able to come down and support our crew it will be heaps of fun. Our new clothing line will be out soon, hoodies will be just in time for the cold patch and a chance to grab some of our newest gear including muscle tops and razor backs.

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