Posted in: for Thursday, 4th May 2017

We are making some real progress now with the gymnastics side of our training. Im seeing alot more focus on the finer movement refinements and prioritising. Good example is those who want progress in pull-ups, forget the clock and concentrate on doing good pull-up progressions and developing strength.

Take the time to listen to what the coach is explaining and taking onboard some of the finer points. The longer we do CrossFit, the sooner we switch off during class and go into auto pilot, when you began training is when you made the most progress, being open to advice, receptive to trying new methods and fine tuning movement patterns is what progress is all about. Have the beginner attitude every day and I can guarentee faster progress.

This week, I would really like to focus on the progress boards and getting everyone on track with their goals. Each class your coach will explain how they work and best approach.

Well done to the Gladiator Games Pairs
Rob & RJ
Steve & Riona

The Saturday Team comp is really taking off and we aim to have a weekly leaderboard of teams. We understand that its not always possible to have the same people, so the goal is to simply have the teams there and do the best we can. If you are looking to do the 3vs3 or other comps its terrific prep, otherwise just a great hit out.


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