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THIS WEEK @ CFP 23/10/17
– We will be focusing on gymnastics this week and easing back on the olympic lifting. Use the week to de load your oly and get ready to reload. Don’t be tempted to do extra or you will suck when we ramp it up.

– With the sudden change of temp, increase your fluid intake and go a bit easier at training. Let your body adapt to the climate change and you’ll have a quicker adaptation. You cant adapt to the heat by trying to push through it.

Monday – Bask squats and MU + The Mental 30
Wednesday – Clusters
Friday – Pairs WOD
Saturday – Halloween

Schedule update
Sat 8-9am workshop is back on focus on bridging the skill gap and event focus Spartan Race

– Saturday weekly Olympic lifting workshop will rotate between Gymnastics and other skills. While we rotate through a high volume lifting program, Saturdays workshops will be focused on other areas.

Trial Advanced Program (get your proforma in if you want to participate)
If you have completed  your proforma and hand in, you are welcome to start the advanced programming. Please follow your coaches direction to work in with the class. The advanced program is only as marked on the program and wont happen every day. If you have any questions please ask your coach or email

– 28 Oct – Halloween Workout confirm on FB
– 4 Nov 3vs3 Team competition 4-5 Nov  click here to book your tickets
For the guys competing and those who just want to enjoy the change of programming.
Each Saturday through November we will run as part of the daily program
Technique work – Traverse rope, Wall scaling, Rope climbing, Cargo, Gear carry, Monkey bars
(Jas & Steve will run you through some of the finer points to tackle obstacles) Jas has a lot of experience from his military days training and competing in Army obstacle course teams and Steve having completed several Spartan & other Obstacle course races.

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at training.

Adapt to the heat – Increase the fluid and back off the training intensity.