Well done last week

Ric’s Mobility & Yoga or ROMWOD 6-640pm
Every second week starting this week will be Ric’s Mobility class, in the alternate weeks and during all Thursday class times we will be running ROMWOD.

Whats cooking?

We are putting together an exciting new programming concept renamed “THE REPEATER” which incorporates all of the great programming we already enjoy, into a more short term goal orientated focus. A brief run down is below and we will post more detailed information on our FB group. This won’t be a drastic change is our already SOLID program, more tweaking it for better results.

  • 12 Week block with a 3 x 4 week cycles
  • Hexa scan for those who want to compare their body fat loss and muscle gain before and after.
  • Mobility and flexibility comparison

Why are we doing this program focus?
Basically to give you a short term goals and comparisons for your fitness. This in turn will fuel your motivation and give you more momentum. We do already repeat the bench mark girls names and hero’s, however what we are looking for it the effect we have with Olympic lifting where you regularly visit the same markers.

What do you need to do?
Ensure that you log each of your workouts, weight and reps as you won’t know which are repeaters till they are posted.

So stay tuned for more information about the “THE REPEATER stay tuned.

Saturday morning TEAM WODs.
– Fight Gone Bad DONE
– Chain Gang DONE
– Total Olympic challenge
– Hope
– Total Strength

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