Focus for this week open 17.4:

For anyone yet to do 17.3, give it a crack. It does suck if your not good at pull-ups or snatches. Life is all about giving things a shot, making your mark and improving on it. Progress comes through adversity. You’ll be glad you at least did it.

It’s really good to see the spirit that the Open has created. The open really is about finding that little extra which effort and focus, beyond our daily training. We have seen so many of you shine at different stages, either getting progress with a movement or weight or pushing harder than you thought possible.

Big stand outs this week were:
Benny M
Michelle C

The open is what you make of it. For a lot of us it’s going to fuel your training and possible do a comp in 2017 or just getting fitter and learning to move better. Once the open has finished we are aiming to help you work on filling those gaps in either skill or strength. Best approach is to pick three things to progress with. Which three is the big question, for me it’s the three things which held me back the most. I know that it can be demoralizing doing things your not good at, however the most rewarding feeling is progress and accomplishment. We can’t find that same feeling of achievement with things we are already really good at or heavily scale just to get through a workout first. Ive never seen someone doing kettlebell swings have the expression on someones face when they get their first pull-up or muscleup. There will always be those most of the things your good at in workouts so its not all grind. My favourite workouts have the things I’m not good at, as they will make me better.

So note the 3 things your not good at, e.g. handstand push-ups, pull-ups and toes to bar. We do them regularly so the trick is to progress your scaling, its as easy as reduce an abmat for HSPU, do a couple of extra pull-up sessions each week and for TTB go from half wall kicks and TTB to e.g. 1/4 wall kick and 3/4 ttb, sacrifice the clock abit for progress.

We will be putting together some program biases for key items and hopefully getting progress with strength and skills. Keep working the mobility in your own time and come to yoga. Remember your technique is only as good as your mobility.

If I were a betting man Id bank on this week being DL-WB-Row-HSPU again, but knowing Dave Castro he runs counter intuition.

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