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12 Minutes to find a heavy max both arms

3 Rounds for max reps
60 seconds max – Burpee Deadball to shoulder
Rest 30 sec
60 seconds max – Sit-up to wall kick
Rest 30 sec
60 seconds max – Box side step ups and over
Rest 30 sec
60 seconds max – Ring row
Rest 30 sec
Score is DB/Stepup/Situp/Ring row

Crossfit open 2017

If you haven’t done the open, it’s a great community based series of workouts.

1. Each run at CrossFit Perth as part of our daily program, so we do them anyways.
2. The workouts are brief and achievable, like we do each day. We have already done a few this year.
3. We encourage everyone to participate for their own fitness.

Click here and reg under Crossfit Perth

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