The CrossFit Perth is training team is comprised of a group of highly dedicated, experienced and like minded coaches. We are focused on helping you get the maximum benefit from the time you commit to training.Our team has a combined total of over 50 years experience coaching, training and helping people work towards goals. CrossFit Perth is a team of CrossFit qualified coaches, several of who are former military, and WAPOL officers. CrossFit Perth Coaches each have the minimum of CrossFit Level 1, Cert 3 & 4 in fitness or Sport Science/teaching Degrees and are fitness professionals, key factors when searching for a coach who will make the most of your time and ensure you maximise results.

CrossFit Perth Coaches are: Highly qualified Full & Part time fitness professionals. Many years of experience coaching CrossFit diverse range of backgrounds professional, sporting and coaching. Coaches Grading system is designed to enable a progressive goal focused coaching and mentoring system.

Alphas – Each Alpha coach has a strong background across several facets of health and fitness and understand how to blend these into CrossFit. Alphas also guide and mentor the Bravo and Charlie coaches. 5 Years onwards.

Bravos – These guys manage your class and ensure that you get the best coaching and format possible. 3-5 Years experience and attended CrossFit level 2.

Charlies – Are our up and coming coaches. 1-3 Years experience.

Deltas – A big part of our community is made up of people who want to help each other out during the session, deltas are athletes in your session that have attended the level 1 CrossFit Seminar and are along side you in the classes not only cheering but giving you the right advice and direction.





Jas has a wealth of knowledge that he will share with you in your session – Always going that extra mile to ensure that you are achieving everything that you can. His caring nature is always evident – don’t be scared of this big cuddly bear!

I started CrossFit in 2006 after 20 years exploring, competing and coaching a variety of sports and training methods.

I quickly recognized CrossFit as a holistic method of gaining complete general and sports specific fitness.

I founded CrossFit Perth in 2008 while serving over 18 years in the Australian Army and implemented CrossFit into the Australian Defence Force.

I also conducted development training with the West Coast Eagles, Western Force, WAFL teams as well as corporate team development.

I am often asked if CrossFit is good having had injuries and so forth, I can honestly say after having had due to my military service 6 ankle operations, 2 knee operations and upper back issues that CrossFit done progressively has helped me get my body back together.

I now view my bad experience with military related injury’s as an asset to our coaching team in dealing with injury management and prevention.

Take advantage of my experience, millions of dollars and 18 years the Army spent training me.


CrossFit Affiliate Owner
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified
CrossFit Strongman Certified
CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
Pendlay level 1 & 2 Olympic lifting
Certified Strength & Conditioning
Coach (ASC) & (ASCA)
Club Weightlifting/Sports Power
Coach (AWF)
National Accredited Kettlebell Instructor
Cycling coach level 1 (ACF)

Head Judge: 2010 Australian CrossFit Regional
CrossFit Weightlifting Seminar Coach

IV in Occupational Health & Safety
IV in Training & Assessment
Diploma of Government (Security)
Diploma of Security & Risk Management

Bronze medal 2006 ARAFURA Games

Favourite WOD
Anything I’m bad at!



I have learnt to fight; my mental toughness…and weakness, to fuel myself as an athlete, to be patient with myself, to learn my limit and dreaming of the next goal, honouring ‘the zone” in myself, the CrossFit community, trying new things, sweating, getting bruises and tearing up my hands, unleashing my competitive side in WOD’s and competitions, the discipline of CrossFit, coaching classes and fundamentals…

RJ is cool calm and composed, with her quick wit and thick accent she brings the class to life.

I have been active for the most part of my life and have participated in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities including basketball, hockey, athletics and water sports.
I have been an avid gym goer for almost 6 years and have trained under a number of different components – from group fitness classes to outdoor boot camps.

Why I LOVE CrossFit:
I have learnt to fight; my mental toughness…and weakness, to fuel myself as an athlete, to be patient with myself, to learn my limit and dreaming of the next goal, honouring ‘the zone” in myself, the CrossFit community, trying new things, sweating, getting bruises and tearing up my hands, unleashing my competitive side in WOD’s and competitions, the discipline of CrossFit, coaching classes and fundamentals…

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
Cert. III Fitness – Gym Instructor
Cert. IV Fitness – Personal Trainer
Rip60 Suspension Trainer
Senior First Aid and Resus

CrossFit Seminar

Favourite WOD:
Chippers and Hero workouts that require mental toughness

Favourite Quote:
“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscles”—————–




In 2010 I began my Crossfit journey at the age of 14 as an overweight teen. I have never looked back, it has developed me physically and more importantly mentally from the amazing environment derived from community spirit and smart programming. For the last year I have taken a step back in my own training at Crossfit Perth whilst focusing on studying a Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science at Edith Cowan University and also playing Football (AFL). The knowledge gained through studying at ECU and the countless hours interning under the extremely qualified Jas Pelham Head coach has allowed me to help many clients reach their goals. My aim as a coach is to ensure each clients potential is reached in a safe and effective manner.

Favourite WOD
For time-
30 Clean and Jerk

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Currently studying 3rd year Bachelor Exercise & Science Degree
Senior first aid and CPR





With Stephen’s witty nature and joker like personality – he will be sure to keep you entertained with your training and be there to cheer you on until the end of every workout.

My background in fitness includes a wide variety of sports from touch rugby to mixed netball, but mainly 15 years of basketball which took me on a month tour of America playing against high school teams and being champions in the under 18’s state league.

I was introduced to CrossFit by my fiancé who was looking for a new physical challenge – I was all against starting but now I enjoy every day I’m there.


CrossFit level 1 trainer
CrossFit level 2 trainer
Qualified Electrician

Favourite WOD

Hero WODs just for the mental challenge and the meaning behind them.




Rachel combines her passion for teaching and friendly nature and applies this in her coaching for CrossFit – You will certainly learn a few things from her

Fitness Background- I have participated in a wide variety of sports including touch rugby, AFL for West Perth Womens league, Basketball, Indoor Cricket and Athletics but my main sport that I have played for 12 years is netball.

I have played for West Perth Falcons netball league and travelled to Hawaii to compete in the ACC carnival.

How I found CrossFit- I found CrossFit through researching on the internet for new personal training/fitness classes. I saw the photos on the website, which were a bit daunting at the time, yet looked like an inspiring challenge. I dragged my fiancé there for moral support as he was a bit tentative about starting. Now after 4 years we both love it and have an ongoing ‘friendly’ competition when working out.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Primary School teacher

Favourite WOD






Fitness Background- Hockey Beach volleyball Qualifications- CF level 1 Qualified carpenter I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother in law but it took a few weeks of driving past on the way to volleyball to gain the courage to give it a crack. I enjoy the challenge Crossfit gives me and haven’t looked back since. CFP is such a welcoming community. Favourite wod- Isabel or grace.






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